Scientific research carried out at the Department of Fossil Fuels


  • "Selection of an optimum methodology of estimation of resources and exploration risks (geological and commercial) for unconventional resources of the type of “shale gas”, “shale oil” and “tight gas” in Poland and development of a methodology of documenting the unconventional accumulations"
  • "Analysis of geological conditions and recognition of occurrence of unconventional gas accumulations in the argillaceous formation of the Autochthonous Miocene succession in the Carpathian Foredeep and technological aspects of development into the accumulations and their exploitation"
  • "Recognition, location and development into optimum zones of occurrence of unconventional hydrocarbon accumulations of the “shale gas” type in the Flysch Carpathians and technological aspects of exploitation"
  • "Application of surface geochemical survey in hydrocarbon prospecting"
  • "Studies of seismic and geochemical anomalies in zones of vertical gas migration"
  • “Location of gas fields in the Miocene strata of the eastern part of the Carpathian Foredeep. Research and development work entitled: Geological and geophysical interpretation and geochemical survey for location of potential reservoir traps in the Miocene strata of the eastern part of the Carpathian Foredeep”
  • "Surface geochemical survey in selected areas of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin and Lower Silesian Coal Basin in terms of gas hazards caused by coal mine closure"
  • „Geochemical surveys of sediments in the southern Baltic Sea from the point of view of geogenetic contamination analysis and petroleum exploration”
  • “Transfrontier studies of deep-seated geologic structures in the marginal zone of the Carpathians from the point of view of potential discovery and development of new oil and gas fields“
  • “Geological investigations in Starunia (the East Carpathians) – identification of possible places for discoveries of woolly rhinoceroses in Quaternary sediments”
  • „Variability of the anthropogenic field of gaseous hydrocarbons in near-surface formations depending on geological and physiographic conditions”
  • "The environment and shale gas exploration. Results of studies on the soil-water environment, ambient air, acoustic climate, process fluids and wastes"
  • "Organization and technology of environment monitoring and protection, in the preparatory stage, during drilling and hydraulic fracturing and during exploitation, including monitoring of groundwater, air, noise, soil, gas emission etc."
  • "Construction of the Lower Paleozoic extent’s maps biostratigraphy and analysis of tectonic evolution of the marginal zone of the Eastern European Platform for estimation of unconventional hydrocarbon deposits distribution"
  • "Tectonic development of Orava-Nowy Targ basin  from Miocen to present"
  • "Deformation of Pliocene-Quaternary sediments along the Vienna Basin- Žilina Fault Zone"
  • "Paleomagnetic investigations in the Polish segment of the Outer Carpathians and the Carpathian Foredeep"
  • "Reconstruction of some terrestrial environment  in the Northern Vietnam"
  • "Reconstruction of Quaternary tectonic and seismic activity in the Polish segment of the Outer Carpathians based on a study of fractured pebbles occurring within gravels and paraconglomerates"
  • "Relationship between sandstone cementation and mineralization of tectonic fractures in the Magura Nappe"
  • "Termic history of Polish segment of the Outer Carpathians based on mineralogical and geochronometric studies of bentonites"
  • "Neotectonics of NE termination of the Vienna Basin Fault System"
  • "An occurrence of deformation bands and their influence on hydrocarbon migration in thick bedded sandstones; selected areas of Outer Carpathians"


  • "Atlas of geothermal resources of Mesozoic formations in the Polish Lowlands "
  • "Atlas of geothermal resources of Paleozoic formations in the Polish Lowlands"
  • "Geothermal atlas of the Eastern Carpathians"
  • "Atlas of the possible use of geothermal waters for combined production of electricity and heat using binary systems in Poland"
  • "Atlas of geothermal waters and energy resources in the Western Carpathians"


  • "Development of a network of cooperation for the promotion of Renewable Energy Sources – BUS OZE"
  • "Effective use of renewable energy sources"
  • "VIS NOVA Clean energy from rural regions. Sustainable and efficient Energy for Rural Regions"
  • "Increasing energy savings and use of unconventional sources as a key to effective energy use"